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Addictions and/or Problem Behaviors PosterAddictions and/or Problem Behaviors poster: Illustrates
35 different behaviors that disrupt family balance.

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Family Teaching MobileDegenhardt Family Learning System ® $295.00

High-quality Plexiglas stand: base: 10" x 10" and height: 23"

Includes: 6 handmade figures, work guide, instruction manual, 2 weighted objects used to represent the addiction, and durable carrying bag.

Mobile visually defines family roles. It actively illustrates where and how each person fits into his or her family and helps begin the process of recovery.

Breaks denial, creates awareness, opens dialogue, and helps counselor and counselee look at the past and present, assess needs, and plan recovery.

Used in teaching and counseling to illustrate how addiction and other problem behaviors disrupt the family balance. Using weights, the teaching mobile tells each family's history.

Addiction and dysfunction is a family disease, and movement in one family member creates movement and response in all family members. Illustrates survival behavioral patterns found in dysfunctional family systems.

Primary purpose: to provide family workers, teachers, trainers, etc. with an active visual picture of family health and family disease.

A picture is truly worth one thousand words!

Testimony: "For the first time, I understand why I act the way I do."