"I have known Katherine Degenhardt since around 1982. We attended the same church for many years, and I was frequently blessed by her wisdom, compassion, and encouragement. Even before she developed her consulting ministry she impacted many people through intercession and her expression of well-grounded faith. She continues to be an inspiration and source of helpful information to me through personal contact and through her counseling workbooks. I have successfully used her materials in my own lay ministry, and can recommend them without reservation."
Alice Kysar, Prayer Minister, Grace Fellowship Church, Nashua, NH 

"The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete, the Counselor, the One who walks alongside of another person showing him/her the way. As the Holy Spirit takes up residence in each of us we become His instruments as godly counselors. We become the people who walk beside other wounded people, showing them, guiding them, asking appropriate questions, leading them to wholeness in Him. The best people to do this are those who have been wounded and found their healing. They know how to empathize with the hurting, yet they also are confident that there is a way out and can become instruments of healing for others. Katherine Degenhardt is such a person."
Don Finto, former pastor of Belmont Church, Nashville, TN and author of two Regal books about God’s Covenant Promises to Israel and the nations.  

"Katherine's resume and credentials are a mile long. What's even more impressive is that you can add to that her Spirit-led wisdom, kindness and compassion. Whenever we invite Katherine Degenhardt to be on the Bridges television program our phones start ringing. Viewers respond to her expertise, openness to the Lord, and books, materials and tapes that bring hope and healing to their lives and relationships."
Monica Schmelter, General Manager WHTN TV-39, Nashville, TN 


As I read and study Katherine’s materials I am learning how to “let go” and “let God” do what He has promised in my life. Every time I start to get discouraged I pick up Katherine’s book Praying God's Promises and I find that God always gives me the very scripture that I need for that time. 

Katherine taught one particular class with a teaching tool that brought across an astonishing message. She used a mobile to demonstrate the dynamic of a dysfunctional family. I was mesmerized. As the classic roles were defined (alcoholic, co-dependent, and so on) Katherine pointed to each member on this mobile; so much was brought to light for me. 

God used Katherine in my life to help me face issues regarding addiction and allowing myself to be controlled by others. Her prayers and words of knowledge and wisdom enabled me to have insight into facing and overcoming the strongholds in my life.

Katherine’s book and personal counseling sessions have helped me identify and resolve many difficult issues while giving me both practical and spiritual principles for living, all from a Biblical, God-centered perspective. My husband said, “Working through Breaking Family Addictions with my wife has helped bring difficult subjects to light and has brought us closer together.”

There is a whole population out there that doesn’t have this information. 

Katherine knows the true hope of the freedom found in Christ. Her books are great tools for individuals and groups who want to be set free from any addictive patterns of destruction. 

You obviously have a gift for producing very insightful, helpful publications for the body of Christ. 

I’ve always had so many questions….No one took my questions seriously (either as a child and an adult.) And, I learned from my Church that too much questioning could lead to a loss of faith. I trekked through several churches and many 12 step programs. I was the counselee of the century. My life was confused. I suffered several nervous breakdowns. And then I met Katherine. Through her guidance, counsel, and prayer and “real talk” my head began to clear. I now have a new sense of inner peace and direction for my life. I have discovered the best way to heal mental illness is through breaking the destructive family addiction cycle. Katherine’s books and counsel have given me a new sense of purpose and wholeness.