Identifying heart wounding and growing through the restoration process are cooperative works of God.  God works from the inside out. 
What does a hurt heart look like?
How does the heart heal?

This series answers these questions and many more. 

Teaching Outline:

1: Signs and Set-up for a Wounded Heart; You Were Created With Basic Needs; Damaged Emotions
2: Survival-Roles and Addiction; The Addiction Trap
3: You Are Deeply Loved; Communication Bridges Hearts
Stewarding Your Life with Boundaries
5: Defining the Heart; Desperation
6: Surrender; Re-evaluation; Learning
Understanding the Importance of Grieving; Walking through Forgiveness
Persuaded; Action; Practice; There is Hope!
Katherine presents eight thirty-minute incredible teachings from her Healing The Heart workbook designed to give the listener hope, strength and wisdom.

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Healing The Heart
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